Free Range Exhibition 2016


The Old Truman Brewery

91 Brick Lane, E1 6Q London, United Kingdom




Thursday 30 June 2016

6pm: Free Range private view


Friday 1 July 2016

10am - 7pm Show open to Public


Saturday 2 July 2016

10am - 7pm Show open to Public


Sunday 3 July 2016

10am - 7pm Show open to Public


Monday 4 July 2016

10am - 4pm Show open to Public


digger's delight

day 'n' night


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Esther Riess


Digger's Delight


For many people music is their everlasting companion.

It can be a way to reconnect with memorable chapters in their lives.

For others it serves as a therapeutic medium with a soothing impact and can be a means to express what cannot be said.


With this project I investigated how music influences people, using record collectors as subjects. I asked each individual to choose a record to play whilst photographing them.


My aim was to utilize the music as a mediator, to somehow influence the interaction between myself and the sitter. In result they allowed me an insight into their personality.

Day 'n' Night


This project shows a diverse mix of people traveling with public transport in London - at day and night. I was intrigued by the postures and the aura of the characters captured in the photographs. While I was taking the series I did not distinguish between sexes, but when I started editing the images I realized I was more drawn to the odds of men.


This project originated out of pure spontaneity and fascination of the absorbing individuals so typical for the every day hustle through London's tubes and buses. Hence all the pictures were taken with a smartphone to be able to capture the moments immediately.


People fascinate me, I'm passionate about collecting portraits of all sorts of people. I am inspired by their poses, the beauty through any kind of angle and the will to control and capture the authenticity of the cultural world. London has so many different  cultural environments, people from all over the world, from different classes and financial backgrounds.


On public transport we are all the same and together as one.



Esther Riess is a young photographer born and raised in Hamburg, Germany - now based in London, UK.


In 2016 she graduated from Middlesex Univesity receiving a Bachelor of Photography.


Her work captures a big variety of diverse, individual characters. She's a silent observer inspired by every day life and fascinated by what first seems ordinary.


The photographs she creates are influenced by classical paintings.

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